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Gear line is the range of gear hobbing machines of Affolter Technologies SA.

Equipped with the Affolter Leste 8 to 12 CNC-control, the Gear Line gear hobbing machines can cut straight, helical, tapered and convex teeth on gears, shafts and pinions, by either the generating or the indexing method of hobbing.

Gear line gear hobbing machines:

The Gear Line, gear hobbing machines, concept enables a high level of flexibility.

  • The universality of this range makes it possible to replace a number of existing machines.
  • The tool and the part are direct-driven by motor spindle; the synchronization is electronically guaranteed up to 16,000 rpm.
  • The mineral cast-iron machine frame ensures excellent thermal stability and improved vibration absorption. This results in a better surface finish on machined parts and longer tool life.
  • Affolter’s designing and manufacturing of CNC controls, custom-made software and motor spindles guarantees complete control of the technologies used.
  • The Gear Line gear hobbing machines represents a new concept in compact machines developed by Affolter Technologies SA: power, rigidity and precision are combined with a high level of universality to provide a means of manufacturing complex parts at the leading edge of technology.

Compare the technical characteristic of Gearline gear hobbing machines.

triangle GEAR line gear hobbing machines Comparison Chart

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