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Affolter Technologies S.A. offers a wide range of technical solutions to optimize machine automation,
these are adapted to the specific applications and sizes of production runs on the machines.

Discover the new Universal Loader A71 on Affolter AF110 plus CNC Gear Hobbing Machine!

One loader system for a large gears variety?

 Universal Loader system AF71 on CNC Gear Hobbing Machine AF110 plus


Gear hobbing with versatility and productivity?

The brand new universal loader AF71 Affolter, feeds gears in hidden time. It allows a lot of various workpieces geometries with different feeding systems. For small and larger gears and shafts up to Module 17DP.


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newswire Press Release, about "Gear Hobbing Center"
has been publish on internet www.todaysmedicaldevelopments.com, (2017.08.30).

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Discover all our Gear Hobbing Machines, the full range in detail...

emplois formation

Affolter Group employs highly skilled engineers with strong engineering background such as Mechanical, Electronics and IT. People with specific knowledge such as Turning, Milling, Grinding, Hobbing and Micro-Assembly skills are also employed in our Group.

The Affolter Group supports and promotes the professional training, aware of its responsibility to its business sectors and the community.
It trains the apprentices in the professions of micromechanic, polymechanic, polymechanic bar turning, industrial designer manufacturer. It is member of the Filière de formation POLYMÉCANICIEN.

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Filière Polymécaniciens Filière ISO 9001

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